10 facts about German shepherds| Their history and more

An amalgamation of intelligence and strength a German Shepherds is your ultimate companion. It is one the most popular dogs in the world in fact the second most popular breed in the United States. The trainability and obedience of this breed of dog have made them one of the most preferred dogs across the world as they have many abilities, even capable of working in wars. In German shepherds breed the males stand about 24 to 26 inches tall while females stand 22 to 24. Their weight ranges from 75 to 95 pounds and has a medium-length double coat which varies as their colors. If you adore these wolf-like dogs and want to know more about them or have been looking forward to adopting one then keep reading you gonna end up with a decision. Let’s begin the list.

German Shepherd’s history

As their name suggests German shepherds have indeed descended from Germany. They first began to gain public attention in the late 1800s. Thanks to Von Stephanitz and an ex cavalry captain who thought dogs should be kept working for military purposes. It was because of him that the breed started to flourish. When he was watching a dog show in 1899 and he came across a dog named Hector Lynx Crenn his intelligence, strength, and working ability so much that he purchased the pooch and named him horned “Von Griffith”. After that, a club was formed by him for the German shepherds. Where Horan was declared to be the first of its kind. The dog then becomes the genetic basis for modern German Shepherds having bred with multiple others and fathering many pups.

Their Etymology

Ever wondered how the breed got its name? Well, back in the days these dogs were used to herd and protect sheep while assisting shepherds in the field the breed thus became known as a German shepherd. However, after World war 1 it was believed that their popularity would be affected by the word German. Therefore, they were renamed by the UK Kennel Club as an Alsatian wolf dog. After five decades of being called a wolf-dog German shepherds were officially called by their original names after the continuous pressure by dog enthusiasts. The appeal was made to ensure the originality of the breed such that their legality is not troubled.

They come in a variety of colors

Like many other breeds, German shepherds come in a variety of colors. Some of the common colors are black, gray, cream, tan, sable silver, or the mixture of two or more these colors. You might also find one in some of the rare colors like liver brown, blue, or panda pattern. Do keep in mind that some colors are not accepted by various Kennel clubs, which consider such shades to be faulted. Pure white, solid blue, font color, pure red, spotted black and spotted black and white are the colors unaccepted by major Kennel clubs.

German shepherd’s Grooming

German shepherds are jokingly called the German Shedders and they shed like a snowstorm that too twice a year. Brushing two to three times a week would be highly recommended. Other than their coats, nail trimming, ears checking, brushing their teeth and other hygienic routines are to be followed time and again. Either they are puppies or adults, they need to be treated like a child because they seek attention and a lot of care on a daily basis. Otherwise, behavioral changes like being aggressive and barking for reason can be faced.

They are highly Intelligent

German shepherds have been ranked as the third most intelligent breed in the book of the intelligence of dogs by Stanley Coren. It has been found that German shepherds can learn tasks as instructed by the teacher only in five repetitions and it tends to follow the first command 95% at a time. Its intelligence and strength combined a German shepherd is often desired as police search and rescue dogs. Their intelligence was a reason for them to serve in world war 1 and world war 2. Here is an interesting fact about these creatures: German shepherds were used as a messenger and as a medic in wars. Their job was to stay with wounded soldiers or bring them in cover. This contribution made the german shepherds’ popularity reached the heights. Many soldiers bring them home on way to home from war.

Their health conditions

German shepherds have been reported to show many common disorders possibly because of their inbreeding process back in the days. Some of the diseases that might occur in these pooches are hip and elbow Dysphasia, Degenerative Myelopathy, bloating and allergies. Cases of pituitary dwarfism have also been seen in some, although the illness is rare and this cause the dogs to be puppy-like forever. While condition might make them look like an adorable small bundle of joy. Various health problems tend to follow.

Their temperament and its Qualities

To be aloof and reserved at first they are very friendly once you are familiar with them. Early socialization would be very much preferred to this breed that they can become hostile with strangers. Some poorly raised German shepherds can show nervousness and aggressive traits. They’re also very protective and active dogs and the keen to learn new tasks. If they are kept in good conditions and treated well they can be a very good companion as they are hell loyal to their guardians.

German shepherds are working dogs

German shepherds are also known as police dogs. This breed of dogs is widely used for the military for search and rescue, tracking criminals, detecting explosives and also patrolling necessary areas. Some of them were heroes World war 2 where they were used as guard dogs as well as messenger dogs. They have a keen sense of smell and the strong ability to work despite distractions hence making them perfectly suitable for these line of works. They have shown their value not only through companionship but also through hard work and dedication in various missions. They are still used for herding sheep in many places in the world.

Feeding and Care

Like any other breed of dogs, you will need to take special care while feeding a German shepherd. It is recommended to consult your vet for advice on correct food portion sizes to be sure to stay up to date on nutritional requirements as the dog grows from a puppy to an adult. Similarly, overfeeding should never be an option as it can cause joint problems as well as other health conditions. Daily exercises are a must because if you leave them without exercise for a long period then you can some behavioral problems like chewing, digging, and barking.

German Shepherds popularity

Germans shepherds have their popularity reached its height. The breed gained International fame and recognition after World war 1 which continued to rise until today. However, there seemed a decline at the end of world war 2 because of anti-German sentiment. Many soldiers also spoke very highly of them, moreover not to forget the breeds biggest are in-ten-ten and who wasn’t an international sensation who played in motion pictures. Other than this, German shepherds named strong heart as one of the only German shepherd dogs to grace the Hollywood walk of fame with a start. The dog was celebrity one can say having in many black and white films in the 1920s. You can also find more than half a million search results of a German shepherd on Google and Youtube which clearly suggests the likes in the popularity of this dog.

These were the top 10 facts about German shepherds. What are you favorite German shepherds traits?

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