5 Things You Should Consider while using Air cooler in Summers

In summers, we do a great deal of struggle to stay cool and keep our surrounding’s temperature low. Air coolers are a great source of preventing the hot days which are enough to scald a lizard in minutes. Air cooler units are the cheapest choice available in the market if you wanna save your money on electricity bills but there are the things that people need to learn to get the most out of their air coolers to make the air cooler work more efficiently in hot days of summers. This article will let you know the 5 things you need to do to make your air cooler run precisely and expertly. Before we dig into the list we should learn how does these units. Without learning we can’t understand the rocket-science behind.

How does the air cooler work?

These swap coolers work naturally to bring the temperature. It’s like an air blowing across the lake. The moist air lowers the temperature which has a relaxing effect on people. These units have big tanks to provide moisture to the air. When the fan runs the pads are soaked the dry air passes through them and blows the moist air out in the room which results in a cooling effect. They need constant dry air supply to keep the temperature low.

1. Placement of Air Cooler

The biggest mistake people do when they bring the air cooler at home, they try to use it as it is an air conditioner that needs a sealed space of the room to make a cooling effect. However, they are wrong. As mentioned above these evaporative air cooler needs a supply of fresh air to form the dry into the saturated air. So, opening windows and doors of the room can have a huge impact on the performance of the air coolers. Try to make a draft of cross air. If you live in an area where the temperature gets high enough to make an omelet then you should buy a portable air cooler which will make it easy for you to move it.

2. Taking care of humidity

Because air coolers provide a cooling effect through the process of evaporation. It is possible that the humidity level of the room may increase which will impact the performance of the air cooler. If the humidity is already high the evaporation process will take longer, in the end, it will cause a rise in the temperature. To prevent this scenario windows and doors of the room should be cracked to provide the flow of dry air. If you live in a region where the humidity level is already higher than 70% then you should move the second option which is using a dehumidifier to keep the moist air dry. Keeping a rock salt in the room might come handy because rock salt has the ability to absorb the water.

What is Dehumidifier and what its Purpose?

A dehumidifier is usually used in winters in cold areas to avoid fog to form on the windows. It can also be used to improve the cooling effect in summer.

a dehumidifier is such a appliance which can boost up the cooling effect of air conditioners. A dehumidifier extracts the moisture from the saturated air, it has a tank where the extracted water is stored. The tank needs to be empty to keep the dehumidifier running. Different types of the dehumidifier are available in the market to choose what suits you according to your requirements.

3. Adding ice cubes in a tank

Adding ice in the water tank of the air cooler might come useful or some people might have tried it before. However, it works in a few scenarios which need to be considered which will let you know when to or not add the ice. Adding ice will keep the water inside the tank cold but it will also slow down the evaporation process which is directed related to the performance of the air cooler unit. Using the technique to have a cooling effect can be beneficial at a very high temperature. So, the conclusion is adding ice to the air cooler can be handy but in the hottest days of summer.

4. Cold water trick

If the ice trick didn’t work for you in your case then you must try adding cold water in the tank. In the case of adding in the water tank of air cooler, ice may take longer to melt to initiate the evaporation process as you know the air coolers work on this phenomenon of evaporation. Adding cold water may come beneficial for you because physics study has shown that 50 degrees mostly works for air coolers.

5. Maintenance of air cooler

Like every machine and body needs some kind of maintenance to get 100% output air cooler also fall in the same list. Maintenance of these units is important just like air conditioners require to get the most out of them. Taking care of such things in case of an air cooler is much easier and doesn’t require money to spend. There are few things that you need to consider and you are done with the maintenance thing.

  • Cleaning pads in 2 to 3 weeks so they don’t smell like a raw egg because a lot of dust and insects got stuck in them with the time.
  • Evacuating the water tank is also important and also cleaning it otherwise the algae may take place there. In some cases, it starts throwing smell in the room with the blow of air.
  • To avoid stickiness on the skin the pads and water tank must be washed regularly from 2 to 3 weeks.

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