6 Type of People you should Completely Avoid

Six types of people that you need to completely avoid. Now the reason why you need to avoid these people is that they can be detrimental and so toxic to your health and mental health as well. if you wanna live a healthy long life than you need to completely avoid them.


The person you need to avoid is gossipers! people who talk about other people who criticize, those who agonize, and those who talk about other people behind the backs. Most likely, if they are talking about other people around you then, they’re probably going to talk about you when you’re gone. Now a lot of times you can stop gossip before they start. Sometimes they’ll start talking about people and they added a negative aspect to them and you just got to say shh; stop! I don’t wanna hear that and then you can evade the conversation. You see, if you listen to gossip what tends to happen is that you end up either gossiping or you might have negative feelings about the person who is being gossiped about. Many times the gossip is within your own circle. May be people you work with or your family members or friends. You gotta stop them and help them understand that gossiping is not gonna help anyone not even the person that’s being gossip about.

Jealous haters

The second person you need to avoid is a jealous hater. Jealous haters are basically those kinda people who wanna get in your way, who really love you inside but they don’t know how to express it. A lot of times they are going to try to devalue you. They gonna say you’re inadequate, fluff and you’re not enough but what you have to understand is that these people actually want to help you and there’s a famous saying about such kind of people that “Critics make you do it better, but what haters do is to make you do it faster”. don’t let these haters be thrown you, don’t let them devalue your soul. Understand that you are the angle of the god and you were made to do something incredible and special. Now you might be asking how do I know someone’s hater? Well usually, when you tell them something good they try to shut it down automatically, they try to overpower you or devalue exactly what you’re telling them. They even will try to limit your accomplishments and make you like you’re not doing enough.

Time wasters

The third kind of person that you need to avoid is “time-waster”. time wasters come in many different forms. So, you have to understand what kind of time wasters you’re dealing with. Some people like to ramble on about nonsense and if they do, you need to ask them to share the bottom the line. Some people like to talk about things that are important like, celebrity gossip, sports, and anything just to waste time. So, you have to shut them down and ask them to get to the point so that you can get on with your business. Most time wasters are completely unaware of time. They don’t know how to manage the clock themselves. What you need to do is be kind to them, show them love, and let them know that you have important things to do.

Money grabbers

People who run when its time to pay the bill, People who keep asking for things people who just want to spend your money. Now, how do you who the money grabber is? What I want you to do is print out your statement and ask yourself who grabbed my money? Am I buying for people to help them or am I just buying it because you are asking me! A lot of times money grabbers will ask for things that they don’t even need and that’s how you know you’re dealing with a money grabber.

Oversensitive People

The fifth kind of person you should completely avoid are oversensitive people. People who come with so much emotional baggage. People who have 10,00 problems or more. You see oversensitive peoples are going be in the world and we have to understand that they should have no part in your life. Now, how do we know if someone is an oversensitive person? Usually, you can tell when they are very picky about being a person. They are picky about their clothes and they are picky about their conversation. They feel like they are always attacked. They are picky about everything they see. So, these people might be helpful in your life. But don’t try to spend too much of your time with them if you have big goals to do in life. Because they always gonna leave the emotional baggage on your shoulders. So, try to avoid them and let them face the problems by their-selves so they don’t have to do it with everyone or don’t live their entire life being the oversensitive person and the person who we consider the thief of joy.

Excuse makers

the sixth people in the list of people that you should are “Excuse makers”. they come up with excuses all the time. They are always hungry, they are always bored and they always tired. They have millions of excuse and they never wanna take any actions because they want you to get caught in excuses trap. There’s a lot of time the successful people are also excuse-makers. So, you need to understand that excuse makers come in different forms. You have to be willing to understand what excuses are and dismiss it and help that person or completely avoid them so you don’t need to be worried about them again. They would be a lot of people that they gonna tell you why won’t it work, why you shouldn’t do it or why it can’t happen. You to understand what they really saying! Sometimes they might fear for you but that fear is illegitimate. Try to understand the situation and dismiss it with your willing power if its something you believe.

NOTE: Not everyone in this universe is perfect but if we notice some people are just “Thief of your joy”. They shouldn’t be ignored nor hated by us. But if they have sworn not to change their-selves then they deserved to be kicked out your life like a fly removed from milk.

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