How Technology has Revolutionized the User Experience

The scope and the evolution of the technology are limitless and endless as it is going to expand more and more to bring more reliability and smoothness to the User’s experience. The technology has revolutionized our lives by filling the gaps of the lifelessness of user experience that we can’t withdraw it easily nor the survival would be easy without it. From using hand-held devices ( smartphones & smartwatches) to the AI robot that they taking control over the human tasks, whether it is about robots that work in big industries 24/7 or some gadgets exists in our homes(Alexa, Google Home, and Cortona), all of them are the result of the revolutionized user experience.

What is User Experience?

So, what is user experience or UX? You must have heard of the “User Interface” or UI, they are the subsets of the user experience. User Experience Design (UX) is a design of a product to build a product to provide a seamless and reliable experience to the users while using that particular device or product. User experience (UI) is a term used to express how much the particular device or product is pleasing while using and how it makes the tasks easier than ever. Below we gonna discuss deeply about User Experience UX.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a field on which the technology and the UX has a major impact and entirely revolutionized this field of technology. The predictions tell it is going to expand in the future as the technology is limitless. Artificial intelligence is a field that facilitates the computer and the smartphones to behave like a human being by possessing the analytic power, learn and perform specific tasks automatically.

Basically, AI is there for humans to reduce the effort and the time of performing specific tasks. AI learns by human interactions and analyze such data and perform accordingly. In the present time, chat-bots (Google assistant, Alexa, Cortona, and Siri) have their own value and importance. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence user experience these chat-bots lay on top as they have revolutionized the methods of interaction with devices like smartphones, computers, or other home appliances. For example, these chat-bots are capable of performing tasks from turning off your bedroom light to reminding of you, your daily do-to list.

The analytical power of artificial intelligence is capable of making decisions based on past behaviour and which helps to take big decisions for giants like Google and Facebook companies. They are already digging to explore and enhance the advancement of their user experience. Which is going to reduce the time and effort for them to analyze the customer’s behaviour instead of relying on human minds. In future artificial Intelligence is the key for the technology to grow immensely.

Voice User Interface (VUIs)

Voice user interface (VUIs) lets users command and control the devices by simple voice commands, devices like mobile phones, Gadgets, and everything that is tech-related. Such user interface has revolutionized the user experience to interact with devices under their use. For example, the chat-bots Google Home and Siri are controlled by voice commands to perform tasks they are asked. They are gradually going to towards the advancement of the user experience to enhance it. Like, they get human emotions or they don’t know how a human feels. They are there to perform daily routine tasks from setting an alarm to playing your playlist from Spotify. 10 years ago from now, there was no idea or concept existed of having such a reliable future where machines could do such things but as the technology has revolutionized everything it is predicted that in the coming future these devices will be the companion for the users.

Zero Interface (UI)

Did you ever think of interacting with any tech-related device without a screen or buttons? Well, you would think it is impossible but you know the technology is the way of making things come possible. In the past few years, the devices were invented which supports the zero interface, Devices include; Amazon Echo and Microsoft Kinect which made it possible to interact without pressing any buttons or haptics but by user’s actions, thoughts Gestures, and even by feelings. The system senses the feeling and responds according to the users.


If you are a smartphone enthusiast you must know the use of the word “Gesture”. In smartphones whether it is android or apple gestures are used to interact with devices. These gestures or motion events are received by a sensor or a Gesture detector to perform tasks accordingly. The user can interact with the device by playing touch screen events, such as pinch in, pinch out, double-tap, or waving over the phone to perform the particular task.

It has strenuous for UX designers and developers to show everything on the screen, that’s where the gestures come helpful. Gestures help the designers to hide unnecessary buttons which also results in lesser manufacturing costs.

What are UX designers?

User experience designers play the role of bridge to fill the gap between the customer and the product to provide a seamless experience to the customer while using that particular product or service, that product can be anything like a website or an application.

User Experience Designer Salaries

Wanna know UX designers’ salary? Well, you may come to astonished to know about their zeros in their salary figure. They are highly paid designers for their field of work and deserved it too. According to the experts; UX designers are paid $81,000 yearly and it’s an entry-level salary with one year experience of this particular job. shocked to know? Here’s more for you to know, an average UX designer with 7-9 years experience gets paid $105,000 yearly. Expert UX designers stated while giving an interview, he said, back in 2010, a tech company was paying him $35 hourly.


The technology revolution is endless. With the passage of time, it has brought many prominent changes to human lives and it still continues to do so. The way of interactions of humans with technology has always been evolving for the sake of enhancement and reliability. The user experience will continue to evolve and will keep providing the best it to users. Everyday UX designers are trying their best to provide the best user experience to meet the customers’ needs and satisfaction. Whether it is a smart-phone or a computer the changes are brought to make the experience more easy, enjoyable and reliable, that’s the reason that now a 6 years old kid can operate a computer with having a piece of basic knowledge about computer

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