How to extend Android OS Battery | Tips & Tricks

Do you often suffer from recharging your phone many times a day? The struggle is real to keep our phone’s battery charged to last us a day. If your phone is a year-old or roughly used to its limit and now its battery isn’t giving its best as it was the day you bought it. Well, here are some tips you can imply to extend your android phone battery or whatever the OS phone you are on. The tips are gonna be effective. After all, every phone uses a lithium battery to provide the juice to its hardware components. So, don’t worry if you are iPhone user you still have a shot to give to extend its battery life by implying simple tips.

Turn of all backgrounds activities

We often miss checking the background activities running on phones. These are the real culprits of battery drainage. They really do squeeze the juice out of battery for no reason. Even if our phones are idle they don’t stop to continue their attacks on battery. The first thing to extend the battery life of a smartphone is to consider killing these backgrounds activities. These background activities include apps installed on the phone OS that you don’t use much. For example, Facebook and Google maps, they are always running in the background even if you are not using them at all. If you don’t frequently use the Google map take a step to uninstall it. And it goes with all other apps you don’t much, uninstalling them would give a little relief to your phone’s battery.

Remove Bloatware

Ever heard of this word “Bloatware”? Many android phones except the Phones coming with Android one, all contain pre-installed applications called bloatware. Some of these applications are usable but most of them are remains there unused as there are better options available. Mostly, bloatware includes Microsoft and Google apps, or it’s based on which OS you are using. For example, Samsung UI contains apps that Samsung has built. Considering these apps to murder them ( to Uninstall them) will make the battery remain last longer. Plus, uninstalling such apps will also make your phone’s performance as they weigh a lot on the phone hardware like Ram. Some phones OS allow to remove such apps from the phone but if you are unable to do read How to Uninstall Carrier/OEM Bloatware Without Root Access.

Change Screen Resolution

As the phone are getting bigger and bigger, coming with huge screens it is difficult for batteries to last a day. The phones are getting bigger in size but the batteries are still almost the same. High-resolution screens especially with increased refresh rate drain more battery. Decreasing the resolution from Q-HD to HD will give a boost to the battery timing. Samsung flagship phone’s do have the option to decrease the resolution. If you are not Samsung user and your phone doesn’t allow you to do so try doing it by installing 3rd party applications.

Switch to Lite Apps version

Apps like Facebook and Google maps drain a huge chunk of battery either you are using them or not they are always running in the background. Moreover, these apps also use a lot of other services, like Google services and Location access. Using lite versions of such applications would fix the issue of background running apps and also the performance wise phone will do good as they use a lot of RAM. Facebook, Google and Twitter have rolled out apps with lite version check them here.

Hibernate Apps

Hibernating all the apps is also a good option unless you don’t care about the notifications at all. Hibernating the apps will make them go on sleep until you open them manually. Apps on sleep will not be able to run in the background which means they won’t be affecting the battery performance at all.  You won’t be able to see the notifications by the apps on sleep. Android 9 Pie does allow its user to hibernate the apps manually. You will find this under the battery menu settings OR there are other options you can bring in your consideration to help you boost the battery juice. Greenify is the winner of the race to help you keep your apps on sleep by simple few clicks. check it out here.

These are the major steps which will definitely increase the battery life along with the phone performance. There are some little tips you should also consider to look into. People with less tech knowledge often miss these things while using their phone. They never know keeping their phone’s Bluetooth always on can make the battery drain faster.

  • Use dark mode if your phone supports. Many OS and app developers have started rolling out updates with dark mode to help you extend the battery timing and also to protect your eyes from blue light.
  • Try to use the adaptive brightness it will keep the brightness level up with the surroundings so your phone screen isn’t extra bright.
  • Keep on check on location if it’s turned on. Turning on the GPS will be using the will activate the little chip inside your phone. Keep it turned off unless its the time for you to use.
  • If you are a fan of always-on Mode then you might need to use without it as it also increases the battery usage by lighting up the screen even the phone is idly sitting in your pocket.
  • Turn on the power saving under the battery section settings. It will automatically start saving the battery at a certain selected level. It will cut off all background usage of internet access to the apps in the background.
  • Turn off sync if you are keeping it on. Sync will keep uploading the personalized data on the servers whenever the phone is connected with Wi-Fi.

These methods and tips can make your battery timing extend but do you know how to extend the phone’s battery lifespan? We learned how to increase how can we get the most out of the battery juice even if it has stopped giving its best but you should consider reading how to extend the battery life so you don’t end up with your new phone reading this again. 13 tips to extend the lifespan of your phone battery.

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