How to Reduce Humidity When Air Cooler is Running

In the dazzling sun of summers, it’s a whole struggle to keep yourself and the temperature of your surroundings normal enough to live a functional life. Especially, in hot places where the temperature is hot enough to make an omelette on a car’s bonnet. The struggles include using different appliances to reduce the rising temperature. Air coolers are also one of those appliances but available at cheaper rates and consume low energy as compares to other appliances like air conditioners. But using them in such an area where the humidity level is high is also a problem, which makes another problem for you. So, how to reduce the humidity level in your room while the air cooler is blasting out air? Firstly, you need to learn how does the air cooler functions, then it will make it easy for you to solve the problem. So let’s begin!

How does the Air Cooler work?

Basically, air coolers work on the evaporation method to decrease the temperature of the room. Air coolers blow out the cool air in your room to make the temperature fall. Usually, these machines have the big water tanks and pads which soak in the water, and the air passes through the pads. When the pads are soaked in the water, the air passing through them carries the moisture, thus the air becomes cool and ready to reduce the room temperature. In this process, the air which is passing through the pads is carrying moisture in it makes the air saturated to apply the cooling effect.

How to Prevent Humidity from staying inside the Room?

Now, you have learned how does the evaporator air cooler unit work. It will be easy for you to understand the solution to it. Opening windows and doors can solve the problem for you if you are not living in an area where the humidity level is high. By opening, windows and doors will allow the dry air to enter inside and the moist air out. In this way, the humidity can be reduced. But the question which arises here is, opening windows and doors will make the room temperature hot? The answer is a big no!

Because the ventilation will make it better and it will do its job by making cross-draft of the air. On the other hand, the air cooler is still blowing the cool. So, it will not affect the room temperature at all but it will make it more effective. It will create a chilled environment by allowing the fresh air inside. This way you can get benefit by spending less money. If this method does not work in your case, then go for this one, keep the rock salt in your room or hang it somewhere in the room. Salt has the ability to absorb moisture from the air. After some time the salt will get wet, you can dry and reuse it for this purpose. Also, try to regulate the water pump of the air cooler, means switch off the pump after using it for a while.

Why air cooler makes your skin sticky?

The Evaporator air cooler functions on adding moisture in water which results in cooling effective. When the quantity of moisture contained in the air gets high, it causes stickiness. Basically, when the air cooler unit blows the air on you, the moisturize air start forming a layer on your skin which makes the skin sticky. Another reason for it could be, that the insects and dust might have got trapped inside the cooler which gets mixed up with the saturated air and makes the air stickier. The remedy for this is: drain all the water from the air cooler and clean with fresh water. Doing so will also prevent the smell.

What if you live in an Area where Humidity level is high?

If you belong to the place where the humidity is already high then this technique mentioned above might not work for you as this trick requires dry air to work. The most you can expect from your unit is to keep blowing the cool air in a humid room. If the humidity level is 70% outside then you must switch to air conditioners as they don’t produce any moisturized air and also don’t required to keep the windows and doors open to make a cross-draft of the passing air.

The only way to solve this issue is to use the dehumidifier. In the winters, mostly in the area where mostly winter stays all the year these units are used to reduce the humidity, as the humidity makes the windows foggy. but using it may increase the temperature bit high. don’t you worry! because there is also a solution for it, using compressor dehumidifier will just increase the temperature by 1-2°C. Other dehumidifiers will increase the temperature by 10-12°C. So, not a good idea to use them in summers it will also undo the air cooler cooling effect.

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