7 Reasons you should never Apologize| Remove toxicity from your life

Have you ever felt guilty for doing something that made you happy? Have others in your life made you feel bad about things that aren’t even your fault? Or not a fault at all? Having the humility and decency to admit and apologize for our mistakes is an admirable quality to have in our personality. We are raised to behave, be courteous, and say sorry, so that we don’t hurt others and can mend things if we do. That’s all fine and good; however, what happens when we let it get out of hand? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you’re constantly apologizing even when you’re not wrong? If you are fed with this bad and unhealthy of saying sorry first then you need a change. And the change will not only affect your personality but also your life as well. There are certain things in life that you absolutely should never have to apologize for and to help you. Here, are 7 great examples.

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