Is Google Spying on me? Web & App Activity | How to stop it?

Any time you are using Google search, Google maps or searching YouTube videos all this information is being stored in Google database via feature Web & app activity using algorithms. Google uses this information for its own interest, for the purpose of giving you a personalized experience. It has been happening for too long. But in May 2019, Google launched a feature named as Web & App activity to give access to users to delete all the information being saved on servers and accounts about their activities performed on Google sites and Android applications.

How Does Web & App activity works?

Whenever you are using Google services either it is Google map or YouTube video search, everything is being saved in Google database. Every time you are searching about location on Google map it saves this information in your account and in the server as well. Did you ever notice, you Google something and you started watching ads relevant to that search? This is what Google does, fetches your information by using cookies data, saves them and use it for their own interest

What information is being recorded by Google?

  1. Google searches.
  2. Map locations you visited while using Google map service.
  3. Cookies data saved in your browser.
  4. YouTube search history and watch time.
  5. Voice searches.
  6. Your device information you are using while accessing Google services.
  7. Purchases you do on online stores like Amazon and eBay and even plane tickets you book online.

How to disable it Web & App activity?

You know now? All your activities are being saved in your account no matter what you are searching or watching on YouTube. Now you are concerned, what if someone finds your login details? If they get into your account then they can see all the activities you performed while using Google services. If you wanna avoid getting into such trouble then disabling it will be a good idea.

As I mentioned it before in May 2019, it was rolled out by Google to give access to users to delete their activity history from their accounts. So, you can say it has been much easier to disable it manually.

Disable Web & App activity in Android: in 4 steps

  1. First of all, go into the phone’s setting, open up accounts settings and choose your Google account.
  2. Open up the data & Personalisation tab.
  3. Tap on Web & App under activity control.
  4. You will see a slider turned on already. Turn it off and it will disable the Web & App feature on your device until you turn it on by yourself.

Disable Web & App activity in Web

  1. First of all, open up this link:, and sign in with your Google account.
  • Then, click on Data & Personalisation and it will get your towards activity controls tab.
  • Under Activity controls, you will find “Web & App activity”. It will be turned off by default. Turn this off by clicking on the slider.
  • It will ask you to pause the activity, click on pause and your done.

NOTE: if you are thinking Google is spying on you and giving no privacy to their customers but look no doubt Google has eyes on whatever you are doing on the internet but you can control it by taking certain measures and can keep some privacy.

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