Why do you need to stop cleaning your ears at home?

Do you also belong to the people who have the bad habit of biting their nails and using cotton swabs to clean their ears in their free time? Almost all of us would think cleaning our ears at home is a good thing and it makes your ears cleaner and increases the hearing ability. Ears specialists and experts got to warn you about your ears cleaning habit with cotton swabs as it is a not only harmful act but a very dangerous thing to be performed at home by yourself. Now, here the question arises why cleaning your ear with a cotton swab is dangerous to your health? before we get to the answer to this question. First, we should look into why earwax is produced in our ears, and what is the use of it?

Why our ear produced or buildup earwax?

Your ear has a reason to produce earwax and use it against the things that are supposed to be harmful not only for your ears but also for other parts of our body organs as other parts of organs are also connected with ears. Our body produces earwax in our ear to fight against insects but also to lubricate your ear canal. Basically, earwax is a safety device to keep our ears safe from dust and other pollution impurities which can reduce the effectiveness of the ear’s ability to vibrate in order to produce the sound.

So why shouldn’t we clean the our ears?

Now we have known that why earwax is important for our ears. But why shouldn’t we at-least clean our ears from the wax that can make them look ugly? Basically, when we try to clean our ears with different instruments like hair clips, your car keys, tweezers, and cotton swabs. When you are trying to clean your ears by inserting such instruments inside your ear typically you are pushing the earwax towards the eardrums. Doing so can cause the wax to sit on the eardrum and if the eardrum has the load on it, it can’t vibrate effectively and it will cause you to hear loss. In extreme cases, the eardrum gets punctured and needs to be replaced by the experts.

An expert narrates the story of a patient who accidentally punctured her eardrum by using a cotton swab and was rescued to the hospital immediately as the ear was bleeding.

How can you get the wax out your ear without hurting ears?

The best way to get your ear cleaned it to approach any experts or doctors. They have a variety of instruments and experience to perform it safely. They can use the sucking process to suck the wax out of the ear without damaging the eardrum as they are the experts in this field. In case you couldn’t visit your doctor then you should apply some home remedies mentioned below.

  1. Use the warm water to soften the wax.
  2. Use the baby oil and insert it in with the eyedropper.
  3. Mineral oil is also effective for it. It can help the wax to come out.

What if your ears build up too much earwax?

if your ears buildup earwax in a larger quantity than it even starts floating from your ear canal then you should clean up the area outside the ears without inserting anything further towards the eardrum. If ear buildup earwax too much frequently then you should see your doctor and learn the procedure to perform at home.

Conclusion: people don’t need to clean their ears in their daily lives as the wax can take care of it by itself naturally. Cleaning your ear by inserting different objects can cause you to hear loss and can last permanently. Such a job should be left for the experts to perform.

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