Why Macbook Pro users shouldn’t cover their webcam-Explained

Apple has some serious advice and warnings to his users about covering the Mac-book webcam. Covering your webcam cause some serious display damages to your Macbook as it not designed to involve any other material when the laptop is closed. A Reddit user posted his Mac-book picture, which demonstrate the damage happened to the laptop screen. He tried to cover the webcam for privacy reasons but ended up damaging the display panel of the Macbook.

Why you shouldn’t cover your Macbook webcam?

Apple says, the room between the keyboard and the display is designed to close it tightly covering the webcam might bring some serious problems to your laptop as the user demonstrated in the picture, a long crack took place on the display. Other reasons to not to cover the webcam with camera cover are: webcam has ambient light installed. If the webcam is being used the following light will blink to inform the user. So, you will always know if someone is sneaking on you. Covering the cam might create another problem for you. The ambient light sensor won’t work and the auto-brightness will not be able to work effectively.

How to cover Macbook webcam?

If you still don’t trust the engineering of the Apple then you should try some tricks to cover your webcam without damaging your Macbook.

  • If you wanna cover your webcam for whatever reasons, apple suggests webcam cover not thicker than printing paper.
  • If webcam cover with printer paper is not possible then remove it before closing the laptop.
  • Apple suggests avoiding using webcam cover with adhesive material they might drastically damage the display panel of the Macbook.

Why would someone cover their webcam?

Well, the camera and the microphone are the easiest components of the computer to be hacked easily. As the technology and the information is accessible easily, hacking someone’ laptop is easier than ever, as anybody can do it in sparing some time to Google it. The methods are so easy that even a 9 years old kid can use them against anyone. That’s the reason the big companies CEOs keep their cams covered with webcam covers. Machines aren’t safe in the modern world where everything is on your fingertips, but there are some precautions and steps you can take to avoid such scenarios. So, covering your webcam is a good idea but do make sure you do it right way, otherwise the cost will be extremely high to get your Macbook back working like before.

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