Your Air conditioning may spread coronavirus particles

It is hot outside forcing many homes and businesses to turn on their air conditioners but there are confusions and concern over whether that can spread the corona-virus indoors. The experts are trying to go in-depth to see if there’s a greater risk when trying to stay cool.

What Experts have discovered about Covid-19?

The experts say a single person’s breath spreads up to 8 feet but what happens when there’s AC unit nearby?

University of Oregon professor Dr.kevin Vaden and his team swabbed AC units. They found the traces of the virus on one out of four samples even one with good air filters. When it’s hot out AC units more recycled air to save energy and that’s the concern but he says just because there are traces of the virus in there it doesn’t prove that people could get sick from them.

Research like his is one reason 239 scientists from 32 countries asked the World Health Organization to updates its guidance on how the virus can spread. The scientists say the virus might be floating in the air for longer periods than we think. This is called an airborne transmission and not just moving on big droplets that can quickly fall to the ground

Precautions to protect yourself from Covid-19

Scientists suggest to open up the windows to circulate more fresh air. A good air purifier might also help. If you are at the office they suggest wearing a mask and asking your boss about upgrading those AC air filters. Moreover, use a mask and gloves while or maintain social distancing. If someone is sneezing or coughing tries to maintain social distance immediately. Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth when you are exposing yourself in public. Most importantly, wash your hands with soap regularly and keep your hands sanitized.

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